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What are the products available for the Rental Plan?
The products available for our rental plan are   
1. Water Purifier: Fusion Top, Icon, Marvel
2. Rice Cooker: P10
3. Air Purifier: B Model
We are designing rental plans for other products at the moment.
What is the CUCKOO GOOOD Plan™?
CUCKOO GOOOD Plan™ is a flexible, affordable ownership programme that lets you choose the repayment amount and repayment period best suited to you. 
1. Water Purifier: Vivid, Xcel, King Top, Queen Stand, Iris Top
2. Air Purifier: C Model, D Model
3. Kitchen Appliances: Inductrio 
What warranty does CUCKOO offer on its products?

All rental packages include periodical service, maintenance, filters replacement and product warranty within minimum 3 years of rental contract. As long as you rent the product, all services, filter replacement and warranty are covered.

What is the rental contract term?

The full contract for rental is 5 years. That is, the product ownership will be transferred after the 5-year contract.

Minimum contract obligation is 3 years. You may choose to continue/upgrade/terminate the rental contract after 3 years without any penalty charges.

What is special about CUCKOO water purifier?

CUCKOO water purifier provides mild alkaline water (average pH level 7.5) with minerals.
Our filtration system is able to eliminate 99.9% of heavy metal and bacteria from the original water source.
Additionally, CUCKOO Water Purifier’s water quality meets the standard of WHO.

What are the differences between CUCKOO purified water and RO water?

CUCKOO’s Purified Water

1. Natural filter

2. Eliminates 99.9% of heavy metal, harmful bacteria and odours

3. Remains and enhances the minerals

4. 6-stage filtration system

RO Water

1. Wastage of water

2. Contains no mineral

Is CUCKOO's products certified with SIRIM & HALAL?


Where is your product from?

All CUCKOO’s products (including filters) sold in Malaysia are manufactured and imported from Korea.

Can CUCKOO water purifier’s plug be used with extension cord?

No, it is not suggested because the voltage might drop. This can cause damage to the water purifier.

Are there any charges for installing optional valve outlet and optional faucet?

There is no charge for installing optional valve outlet. However, optional faucet is not provided by our company.

Is water pump included in CUCKOO Water Purifier package?

No, customers are required to purchase their own water pump. However, it can be installed by our Natural Doctor.

What is the warranty for CUCKOO multi-cookers?

CUCKOO multi-cookers come with 1 + 2 years of warranty .

Is there any advance fees to rent CUCKOO products?

The advance payment fee is only applicable to customer with rental agreement. Customer will be charged with the fee of month of 36th during the registered month.

Eg. If product is registered in September, advanced payment will be charged on the rental fee on the month of 36th. If product is installed in September, your first month rental fee falls in October.

How do I know the order status?

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an order status update from time to time. Here’s what it means:

1. Pending Document Submission: Attachment to be uploaded and the confirmation of submission by our Natural Executive / Sales Agent.
2. Pending Document Verification: We are waiting for the attachment to be verified and checked by Risk Management Department.
3. Pending Risk Assessment: Our Risk Management Department will give you a call soon to validate your personal details.
4. Pending Enrolment Result / Pending Deduction Result: Your application file has been submitted to the bank to be proceed. We are waiting for the enrolment / deduction result from the bank.
5. Call-log Stage: Our NCSC will call you soon for the installation appointment. 
How long do you perform servicing for CUCKOO product?

Cuckoo Natural Care Service (NCS) will be conducted once every 4 months by technician – Natural Doctress (NDS). NCS includes filter replacement (at least 1 filter), product sanitation, product quality check and our uniquely added-service – steam sterilisation of the water tank, faucet and even on your kitchen sink and chopping board.

Why is my room temperature water hot after I turned off the cold button switch?

This is because of CUCKOO water purifier’s water tank is made of anti-bacterial stainless tank where the heat of the hot water tank will transfer to the cold water tank which results in an increase of water temperature when the cold button is turned off. 


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